Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Difference between 800 and 400 toll-free numbers in China

800 toll-free numbers

800 toll-free numbers are commonly called "800 免费电话", the official name is "被叫集中付费业务" (called party collect paid service), which means the cost of the call is borne not by the caller but by the party receiving the call.
800 toll-free numbers in China are ten-digit numbers beginning with "800". Three is no prefix before "800". (In US, "1" must be used before "800" when dialing from a landline).
800 toll-free numbers are not accessible to some mobile network subscribers.

400 toll-free numbers
400 service is called "主被叫分摊付费业务" (calling party and called party split-paid service), which means the calling party pays for the local access fee and the called party pays the toll (long distance) fee.
400 toll-free numbers in China are ten-digit numbers beginning with "400".
400 toll-free numbers can be accessed by all fixed-line and mobile phones.
Callers have to bear local access charges from their service providers.


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