Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Archive both incoming and outgoing emails in Sendmail/MailScanner

With MailScanner, we can archive incoming or outgoing or both easily.
Firstly, we indicate a ruleset file in the 'Archive and Monitoring' section of MailScanner.conf.
# Mail Archiving and Monitoring
# -----------------------------
Archive Mail = %rules-dir%/archive.rules
In the ruleset file, we specify a location to where emails are archived.  We can use 'From:/FromOrTo:/To:' to tell MS the scope of emails to archive.  In this example, all incoming and outgoing emails are archived to one single mbox file on daily basis.
FromOrTo:       *       /path_of_the_storage_location/_DATE_.mbox
The mbox format is accessible by many email clients.  Please see

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