Monday, April 18, 2011

Local Channel

Asterisk provides an easy way to turn any extension into a device such that we can Dial to and therefore can make use of the dial plan processing.
One example use is with call file.  We can create callfiles to telebroadcast a range of numbers with some processing (eg least cost routing).
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in our context [lcr],  we can choose different sip/dahdi routes depending on the destination.
exten => _852XXXXXXXX, 1, Dial(SIP/${EXTEN},S(10))
exten => _853XXXXXXXX, 1, Dial(DAHDI/g1/${EXTEN},S(10))
Under many circumstances, we include '/n' in the local channel.  This switch instructs the local channel NOT to optimize out from the call path, otherwise, the channel variables and parameters used in the destination Dial() would not be available.  As in the case above, if '/n' is not used, the 'S(10)' is not effective.

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