Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How to setup Elastix SIP trunk with ZONETEL's DID service.

There are increasing number of Elastix customers connecting to ZONE's DID service.  Here below highlights the major steps.


First, we need to define the SIP trunk for inbound/outbound calls.


1.    Basic>Trunks>Add Trunk

General Settings


Outbound callerid = 5804xxxx


Outgoing Settings


Peer details at least contains below:





We also need to define the register information for incoming call.


Incoming Settings


Register string has to contains:

5804xxxx:your sip


Then we need to define a route to use the outbound SIP trunk.

2.    Basic>Outbound Routes>Add Routes

;; if you dial 9 to call out via sip, etc.

Dial Patterns=


Trunk Sequence=<the trunk created in 1>


And a route for incoming call.

3.Inbound Call Control>Inbound Routes>Add Incoming Route

DID number=5804xxxx

Extensions=<the extension to answer inbound call from 5804xxxx>


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