Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Digium card drops call intermittently

Recently, one of my client reported that he could not receive or call out intermittently. The client has an Asterisk 1.4.22 running on a DELL R710 server with a Digium 1-port E1 card installed. The Asterisk serves around 20 staff extensions and 30 agent extensions distributed by ringall queue strategy.

During the incident, inter-extensions call are functional, suggesting that Asterisk is working.

We also executed zttool to verify the Zaptel channel status. The screen showed no alarm.

In asterisk CLI, 'zap show channels' also did not indicate failed channels.

To verify further, we updated log level to 'debug' in /etc/asterisk/logger.conf. With debugging enabled by CLI command 'logger reload', it turned out that there were frequent, but short errors on the zap channels, most of them being 'Unknown error 500'.

Such type of errors usually indicates link problem between Asterisk and the PSTN.

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