Monday, May 31, 2010

Call Center System built using Asterisk

Recently, our (Call Center of underwent upgrade to further support SaaS.
Each partition of has its own:
-DID number range
-Private agent teams
-Private customer database
-Private agent monitoring (support silent monitor and coaching) panel
-Private voice recording panel
-Customized reporting
-Automatic call distributor (ACD) with different queueing mechanism (Ringall, round-robin, etc.)
-Voicemail to handle all-agent-busy
-Predictive dialing and preview dialing
-Agent phone can be PSTN or SIP softphones (eg Xlite).
Customer will find the above features perfect for call center.   Kick-off is quick and economical attributed to SaaS model.  No big CAPEX is required.
At the same time, the partition architecture enables efficient use of our hardware, bandwidth and licenses.   
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