Friday, April 09, 2010

voicemail configuration in mysql

We can build a feature-rich voicemail system using Asterisk with realtime MySQL Support.  Vm accounts and configuration are kept in sql tables and can be manipulated via php, etc.
Platform : asterisk 1.4.x, mysql 5.0.27, FC5

In the first place, we need to compile asterisk mysql addon

yum mysql-devel  /* mysql files eg mysql.h required in the compilation of asx addon */

yum mysql-client /* mysql client library */

cd /usr/src/asterisk-addons-1.4.7

make clean

./configure --with-mysqlclent=/usr/lib/mysql /* find out where the mysql is by mysql-config */

make menuselect

; ; deselect mp3 as it keeps on complaining error

; ; make sure res_conf_mysql is selected as it is required


; ; it will show a list of succesfully configured modules

make install

; ; it should show that is installed

; ; found the so in /usr/lib/asterisk

cd /etc/asterisk

update extconfig.conf

voicemail => mysql,asterisk,voicemail_users

vm_extensions => mysql,asterisk,extensions_table

update voicemail.conf


; Formats for writing Voicemail.  Note that when using IMAP storage for

; voicemail, only the first format specified will be used.


update extensions.conf


switch => Realtime/vm@vm_extensions

update modules.conf



preload =>


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