Sunday, April 04, 2010

asterisk web-meetme recording

we are customizing the webmm 3.0 to provide outbound calls from web portal and trigger conference recording.

in the orignal webmm, conference recording starts only moderator joins the conference. in some cases where you only have outbound parties in your conference, recording is not available literally because the moderator call-in is not involved. to implement recording for outbound call conference involving two areas:

1. app_cbmysql.c
the application cbmysql allows us to pass a conference number as parameter. what we need is to modify the logic to skip querying password if conference number is being passed in.

2. batchcall.php
the asterisk api now should call cbmysql with conference number as $data, instead of the original meetme application.

after reloading the revised app_cbmysql, your web can dial out to parties with recording.

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