Saturday, October 11, 2014

How to create a disk image of Elastix Mini UCS

To create DD Image file from  SD Card of MiniUCS:

1.pc running linux card reader

Steps to create dd image
1.connect the cf card reader to the linux pc
2.take out the CF card from elastix mini
3.insert the CF card inside the reader the linux pc, determine the device assigned to the cf reader using 'df -h'  (the device name is machine-dependent, eg /dev/sdc ,etc.)
5.create a disk image using dd command as below:
dd if=/dev/sdc  of= bs=32M

** pls check whether the sdcard is /dev/sdc

Restore DD Image from SD Card

1. dd if= of=/dev/sdc
2. Insert the new SD card into MiniUCS and boot it
3. Use computer to connect COM port of MiniUCS ( 115200 8N1, flow control=none )
4. login root/palosanto
5. Modity the file  /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 to use dhcp

3. Finally, you need to restart the networking service, enter:
service network restart

4.  Determine the ip address by 'ifconfig'

5.  Login elastix by https:// with username/password = admin/palosanto.  Go to network and configure via the GUI. 


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