Sunday, July 13, 2014

How to set callerid in Elastix Call Forward

Elastix allows an extension to setup call forward via feature code such as *72.  These codes are defined in PBX|Features.    When we dial from PSTN to an extension which has CF setup to external party, the call is forwarded using the foreign caller as CID.  As this call is not originated from an extension, it will be handled by a catch-all route which usually presents the company's primary number to the forward destination.  In most cases, we consider it intuitive.
In some cases, however, we prefer to handle the forwarded call differently such that it presents another CID.  It is useful if our Elastix PBX is sharing by different business entities (eg in a business center) because there is no such a common primary number.  The forwarded call should be handled by an extension-based outbound route.

The default Elastix behaviour must be modified not to use the foreign caller as CID when forwarding call.  Rather, the CID should be the extension being forwarded to select the appropriate outbound route.

The Elastix UI does not provide this option.  By changing the dialplan code in extensions_override_elastix.conf, we could manipulate the CID used in CF.


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