Sunday, April 06, 2014

Redundancy Asterisk Configuration

Here describes a working solution to implement a redundant asterisk PBX system.

When we design a redundant PBX solution, it is intuitive to think of building two Asterisk nodes with some kind of synchronization mechanisms ranging from simple scripts to more complicated HA cluster.

The more challenging task is to failover the PSTN connection when the primary node is down.

The TwinStar solution from Xorcom is directly addressing this problem.

This solution is comprised of two Asterisk servers with identical configuration in active-standby mode and one Astribank channel banks for PSTN connection .

The Astribank provides FXO or T1 connection with telco provider. It communicates via USB with the two Asterisk servers and continuously monitors the function of the primary node. Upon detecting node failure, it instantly passes control to the backup server. This architecture ensures communication in the organization is re-established in short time.

Further information can be found in here