Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Setup Snom UC Edition with Elastix

First of all, Snom UC edition is not ready for Lync connection out of the box.  We have to obtain the UC edition firmware from Snom and install it on the Snom phone.

If we setup the Snom phone manually, it is important to perform a factory reset after the UC edition firmware was installed.  This step is re-stated in the Snom FAQ section.

Snom phone with the UC edition firmware successfully installed could be identified by:
  • The phone display shows 'UC edition' when startup
  • The WEB UI uses 443 instead of 80
  • A menu item for Lync connection is added

To register the Snom UC edition phone to Elastix, we have to ensure:

  • The rtp encryption in the sip section is disabled (it is enabled by default)
  • The servertype is set to 'asterisk' in the sip section
    • This field has been reset by UC edition firmware to OCS during the firmware upgrade and we have to change it to 'asterisk' to enable sip registration



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