Friday, August 31, 2012

How to setup SIP account in Android 4.0 ICS

There are many SIP-compliant soft phones like Xlite, 3CX, Linphone, Sipdroid etc. on Windows and Smartphones.  These software turn our PC or Smartphones to a SIP end point such that we could enjoy benefits from VOIP, such as cost reduction and roaming.  

With native SIP stack support in Android ICS, we could conveniently configure a SIP account without the need of a 3rd party apps.  Here describes the procedures involved.

Firstly, open Settings in the 'Phone' apps

Scroll to Internet Call Settings and Add the SIP account

The SIP account information is obtained from our SIP provider.  It usually consists of three information: SIP username, password and the SIP server name or ip address.

We could also specify when the internet call should be used.

Lastly, please check that your mobile network will not block the VOIP traffic.

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